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Family Medicine for ages 15 to 100

Focus on Senior Patients with Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

We accept most Medicaid Plans


BMC is a Family Health Clinic. We accept most insurance plans. 


BMC currently provides specialized Upper Respiratory Panel testing, RPP, for patients with insurance. This covers covid, strep, flu, influenza, and over 20 types of upper respiratory infections. 


BMC offers the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines without appointments needed. We also provide your vaccination card. 


BMC provides specialized testing such as DNA tests for drug efficacy and interactions, as well as functional testing for Cognitive Brain Functions, as well as Balance Testing with recommendations for treatment. 


BMC SW Fwy offers orthopedic evaluations.


BMC offers X-rays, blood draws\samples, and Injections for testosterone and hormones. 


Immigration Physicals

BMC currently performs FULL Immigration Physicals, including all vaccinations. BMC is one of the few approved Civil Surgeons in Houston approved for these physicals. 

The Immigration forms are many pages long, and the questions include medical history. We perform a blood draw for testing, and a chest xray/TB test as well. All these services are included in the comprehensive pricing. 


Many of the physicians listed on the Immigration website, do NOT offer the vaccinations, so you MUST ask them specifically. WE have been certified and have special refrigeration equipment checked and inspected by the immigration authorities, that allow us to give vaccines. Any practice that quotes you $300 is NOT able to administer the vaccinations. 


For the FULL exam with xrays, blood draw, and vaccinations, the cost is $750, and we do accept credit cards. If no vaccines are needed, the cost may be as low as $300, but that will be determined by medical history. The Immigration office is very specific with what tests and vaccinations they require. 


Bretshire Medical is open 5 days per week by appointment for this service. 

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